.XYZ: All your domains are come from us

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Read the 1.111B Class White Paper

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The paradigm is shifting.

Secure .XYZ domains for 99¢ now.

Ethereum + .xyz

Pair & trade Ethereum exclusively with .xyz domains

  • Pair Ethereum wallets with .xyz domains for secure coin management and trading
  • Built-in security, customer support, and stability through the internet’s root DNS all come standard with .xyz domains
  • With 99¢** annual carrying costs and flat 99¢** transaction fees, the 1.111B® Class is the first digital currency platform to be supported by a global network of registrars

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All your domains are come from us

  • .XYZ is the next .COM. .XYZ is the #1 new domain in the world
  • .XYZ is for you. .XYZ is for every website, everywhere®
  • .XYZ is for businesses. Get your venture off the ground with YOURBUSINESS.XYZ
  • .XYZ is for individuals. Create your blog or portfolio with YOURNAME.XYZ
  • .XYZ is for ideas. Share yours with YOURIDEA.XYZ
  • .XYZ is international. Get .XYZ domains in 200+ languages

Join the movement.

Get .XYZ

.XYZ is for leaders

.XYZ is for the next generation of entrepreneurs and pioneers. Forward-thinking industry leaders already use .XYZ for their new initiatives:

  • MIT [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] uses ENGINE.XYZ for its startup accelerator. The program has $175 million in funding to support its startups.
  • Deloitte [Big 4 accounting firm] hosts GOINNOVATE.xyz, EXPONENTIALS.xyz, FUTUREFIN.xyz, and OASWEB.xyz as online communities for industry leaders to share emerging technologies
  • HBO [entertainment network] launched HOOLI.XYZ as the microsite for their TV show, "Silicon Valley".

The next generation is here.

Register .XYZ

.XYZ is for creators

.XYZ is for designers, architects, engineers, developers, writers, artists, animators, musicians, photographers, directors, and scientists. .XYZ is the platform for creators to create.

  • Point in Passing, a Brooklyn art+design collective, created a video playback/manipulation tool for VJs on WWWWWWWWWWWWW.XYZ
  • VIERKANT.XYZ created the 2016 Red Dot award winner, FALLBLATT CGN – an analogue display for digital information
  • Density Design Lab at the Polytechnic University of Milan creates interactive visualizers from big data on SHARELOCK.XYZ
  • Dr. Adam creates videos, podcasts, photo albums, and journals to explore the world through medicine on STREETMEDICINE.XYZ

It's instinctive.
It's natural.
It makes sense.

Create on .XYZ

.XYZ is for innovators

.XYZ brings choice, affordability, and innovation to the internet. Groundbreaking technologies use .XYZ for their solutions of tomorrow.

  • The cofounders of Skype created STARSHIP.XYZ, the autonomous delivery robots for Postmates and DoorDash
  • DRIVER.XYZ is a platform bringing accessible treatments to cancer patients
  • Former Autodesk engineers founded UMAKE.XYZ, the 3D sketching app that was named "Best App on the iPad Pro" by Apple in 2015

Be the next big thing.

Develop on .XYZ

.XYZ is for the Internet of Things

Introducing the 1.111B Class: a range of 1.111 billion numeric .xyz combinations between 000000.xyz - 999999999.xyz. Effective immediately, all 6-digit, 7-digit, 8-digit, and 9-digit .xyz domains have been reduced to a flat wholesale cost of $0.65* per year by XYZ, with a recommended retail price of $0.99.**

1.111B is an alternative class of .xyz domains launched to foster innovation and creativity. It gives businesses and individuals a first-of-its-kind class of domains that can be used for nontraditional purposes, such as:

  • Smart device connections for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Advanced network communications
  • Vanity digital identifiers
  • Phone numbers and other personal identifiers
  • Virtual currencies and tradable assets
  • Other creative uses set out by innovators and entrepreneurs

Featured 1.111B Sites

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Read the 1.111B Class White Paper

White paper image

Using a proprietary abuse-mitigation system developed by XYZ, which has resulted in less than 1% abuse from all active .xyz domains, the 1.111B Class will remain safe and reputable with a zero-tolerance policy against spamming, phishing, malware, and other forms of illegal activity or abuse.

* Although the $0.65 wholesale price goes into effect on 11/11/17, all registrars are invited to support the 1.111B Class early. Please contact us to learn more.

** While XYZ's wholesale price of $0.65/year for domains in the 1.111B Class is fixed, and XYZ recommends a retail price of $0.99/year for all creates, renewals, and transfers, the final retail price paid by registrants is determined by each individual registrar.

A new class has arrived. Innovate with .XYZ

$ secure

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